WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

I asked a friend the other day why she wore so many accessories. She responded that she grew up in a hot city where the sticky climate prevented her from wearing anything other than basic, breezy clothes. The solution to her fashion dilemma was to invest in accessories. Lesson learned. Every time I see myself with no options other than to wear a white shirt and basic pants, like this Fashionista, accessories come to mind. While I am at it, why not try wearing something creative, like a coral necklace?

Chic and interesting, accessories that imitate coral have become a fashion staple in the last years. Come to think of it, Valentino’s fall 2013 couture collection showed clutches with coral handles, along with gowns that had coral prints. But if were really looking for inspiration, Francesca Romana Diana and Virzi + De Luca are two Brazilian accessory brands that created to-die-for coral collections last year.

Enough said: this Fashionista’s look is the quintessential outfit to wear to work on a hot summer day. You could not ask for anything better. The look is basic, elegant and by all means appropriate for the office. This proves that you do not need a lot of details to keep and outfit interesting. Sometimes all you need is a statement accessory and voilà!

One Simple Change: If it is winter where you are, add a long navy blue trench coat to this Fashionista’s outfit. You can never go wrong with classic colors. Take it from someone who wears basic outfits 24/7.