WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

There are a number of internships with specific dress codes that demand a more conservative outfit. In the event that you are working with children, a more modest look is certainly encouraged. A great way to stay covered up while keeping your options open is to take advantage of layers. Lighter overcoats with simple flats or solid cardigans with patterned shirts underneath can be appropriate and functional.

This Fashionista shows off a complex and sophisticated pattern with a simple, beige cardigan topped off with a classic, gray coat. The blue and white of her patterned blouse is brightened and complemented by her beige cardigan. It keeps her covered and modest without weighing her down. In this cold weather, layers are a key component to making every outfit functional by also keeping you warm. Her gray coat and black pants add a touch of professionalism without being overwhelmingly dark.

Her black flats are the final touch that make the outfit comfortable and allow her to be on the move and interact with the children without aching feet. Their solid color does not draw attention away from the eye-catching top and continues the flow of black pants to black shoes.

Use this look that gives off a sophisticated professionalism as your inspiration for a simple internship outfit. This will certainly add to your influence in the workplace.

One Simple Change: When your friends invite you out for the night after your long day of interning, switch out your black pants and tuck your patterned blouse into a black skirt for a fun and flirty day to night look.