WHAT TO WEAR: In A Winter Wonderland

February 14th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: In A Winter Wonderland

Living in Ohio, the winter is the absolute worst time of the year when it comes to motivation to look cute or to do anything at all, actually. When it comes to dressing for winter, warmth is always my first priority. Being a college student, you spend a good majority of your day outside walking from class to class, so choosing items that are trendy, yet warm will be your favorite winter picks.

This Fashionista picked one of the most popular items of this winter season—a knit turtleneck. Turtlenecks have been coming back in style and are the perfect garment to keep you warm, yet stylish. The bulky, cable knit pattern gives dimension to the outfit without being too overbearing for the dull winter months. A nice cream color is great for lightening up your outfit without popping out against the pure white snow.

Leggings are a girl’s best friend. They provide comfort and warmth, which is what every college student wants once the second semester rolls around. An oversize, bulky sweater is a leggings’ dream match. This outfit is a great go-to when you’re having a rough morning or have a long day ahead of you. It’s comfortable, yet is much better looking than a pair of sweatpants and a worn sweatshirt.

Who says a winter coat has to always be black and boring? This Fashionista works an army green winter coat with multi-colored fur on the inside. The intricate, gold zippers on the outside add some detail and attraction to the coat. This coat will help add that fashionable touch on the colder days without having to try too hard. Finish off this winter look with an eye-popping beanie.

Don’t let the dreary winter days get you down on your fashion! Stick to neutral colors and simplicity, but always keep warmth in mind.