WHAT TO WEAR: Holiday Season

As the fall semester ends and the long overdue Christmas break begins, we can celebrate many things. To start off, finals are O-V-E-R! No more staying up all night cramming for the torturous finals. No more extreme Starbucks orders with extra shots of espresso to keep you awake. And best of all, no more thinking about school for an entire month! Now we get to look forward to all of the great holiday festivities that December has to offer. From partaking in holiday festivities to the excited feeling of opening presents on Christmas day, spending quality time with those crazy relatives that you can’t live without, to the celebration the year ending; there are so many things that can make the holiday season great.

To complete the holiday festivities, it’s only right to have the perfect holiday outfit! Without the perfect outfit, it wouldn’t feel like the holiday season. It’s important to wear something classy yet comfortable for all the holiday parties and events you may attend. Holiday parties can become irritating if you don’t feel comfortable; finding the perfect outfit is key to feeling great during the busy holidays!

This Fashionista has mastered her holiday party outfit for both Christmas and New Years Eve. She wore a dark green velvet mini dress from Forever 21, adding a pair of black and white striped tights from Nordstrom. She finished off her ensemble with a pair black high heel booties from Target and added a faux crystal choker from Forever 21. This outfit is comfortable, classy and festive for both Christmas dinner and New Years Eve party outfit.