WHAT TO WEAR: Holiday Gatherings

Get ready for all of those family gatherings, large amounts of cookies and non-stop Christmas music because December has finally made its appearance! When I think of December one of the first thoughts I have is all of the holiday parties and family gatherings, then I start to stress a little thinking about what outfits to wear and when I should wear them.

When you think of holiday fashion I’m sure the image of sequined leggings or a sparkly dress comes to mind, which is perfect for a night out on the town, but I thought this Fashionista’s outfit screamed holiday gatherings. This outfit is the perfect mix of chic, yet comfortable which is so important when you know you’re about to overload with sweets.

This Fashionista stuck with the neutrals and paired a comfortable oversized turtleneck with with a black button up jean skirt. She tucked in her sweater giving it a neater look, but if you were looking for more of a relaxed look untucking the sweater would do the job. She really dressed up the outfit by adding different accessories. The thigh-highs really spiced up this outfit giving it a more chic look. Another option for shoes if you were wanting to dress down the outfit would be a pair of booties, or if you wanted an edgier look throw on a pair of combat boots. I love that this Fashionista added a pop of color by adding the floppy hat. Lastly, the biggest trend to all college girls and a perfect subtle touch is the bolo choker.

Get ready for all those holiday parties and feel confident in what you wear whether it be that sparkly dress or a comfy sweater. Enjoy your family and friends and overload on those sweets!