WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

If you’re a member of the Greek community like I am, you are fully aware about the excitement of Bid Day. Bid Day is the day where new members are invited to join your organization and it usually results in a lot of pictures and celebrating. Bid Day shirts are adorable and usually worn by each member to promote unity within the organization. This Fashionista created an adorable outfit while still showcasing her sorority all throughout campus.

This stylish tank top beautifully wrote out the student’s sorority in white cursive letters. I loved the simplicity of the shirt and the Greek letters were clear and easy to read. Spring has undoubtedly “sprung” here at Temple so this Fashionista broke out her jeans with the cuffed bottoms. As a sucker for belts, I was obsessed with the Fashionista’s simple brown belt that really tied the outfit together. White Converse All-Stars looked great with her jeans and also matched well with the white font color on her shirt.

No need for a parka on a beautiful day like this, or really any jacket for that matter. A simple gray cardigan did just the trick for this this Fashionista. Casually layering with a cardigan is an awesome look for spring. This Fashionista did a great job of dressing up her simple Bid Day shirt and she is ready for any Greek occasion.

One Simple Change: Want to hit the gym after class but still represent your sorority? Lose the cardigan and switch out the jeans for a pair of athletic shorts. Now you can work out while still showing off your Greek pride!