WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Sorority girls definitely know how to dress up at a minute’s notice. As is the case at many campuses, Sacred Heart is full of sorority sisters running back and forth from chapter meetings, philanthropy events and fundraisers, wearing a different outfit for each event. I caught up with this Fashionista on her way to her sorority’s weekly chapter meeting. She explained that her sorority considers chapter meetings to be business meetings. Therefore, they must dress in business casual each week. She executed this perfectly with clothes and styling that were super cute and that showed her preppy-chic personal style. She created a look that was professional yet playful by mixing and matching various colors and styles.

The fun print of this blouse from LOFT is what caught this Fashionista’s eye. It made her buy it and use as the focus of this look. The other elements of the outfit like her black boots, sweet skater skirt and maroon leggings aren’t as busy and can be worn over and over again with different articles of clothing. She needs only minimal styling to complete the look, and she does this with a dainty headband and bracelet.

This outfit would also be perfect for other events such as interviews, presentations or a day at an internship. It’s fun and stylish but also mature and appropriate enough for these types of settings. There’s nothing worse than a boring pencil skirt suit or blasé dress pants. An outfit like this shows you are serious about the job but also have a creative side. This Fashionista explained that one main technique she uses when building her outfits for chapter each week is to incorporate color throughout the outfit and pair with bold basics like her boots and skirt. She uses this as a framework to recreate very similar looks by simply choosing different color combinations. Great tip, sister!

One Simple Change: If you want to achieve this preppy-chic vibe for a more casual occasion like a day of classes, just take off the skirt to simplify the outfit. If you’re wearing tights rather than leggings, swap the skirt and tights out for a pair of solid skinny jeans.