WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of an incredible sorority for the past three years. Being able to spend so much quality time with my sisters really just proved how much this piece of my college career has impacted my life. On top of having a huge impact on my character and outlook on life, this sorority has also highly influenced my style and taste. Living with over fifty sorority girls, you gain fifty extra closets! I can truly thank these ladies for helping me take risks with trends and being my shopping buddies.

With spring semester here, the Greek life calendar is full. Whether it’s a philanthropy event or a sisterhood retreat, there are many steps you can take to rock a shabby-chic, boho ensemble while still repping your sorority. This Fashionista did a great job at just that. Her outfit is perfect for attending any greek event. She’s comfortable, repping her sorority and looks totally adorable!

This Fashionista exuded her rather hippie persona with her Hamsa sorority cropped top, an oversized sweater, leggings and fringed booties. This outfit removes the normal preppy stereotype that sororities are usually labeled with and really shows this Fashionista’s individuality. What’s great about being in Greek life is being surrounded by so many unique individuals. You don’t have to lose your unique sense of style and conform to the Greek life stereotypical standard of being preppy and classic.

I find it so refreshing that Greek retailers now offer such a wide range of apparel options. If you’re looking to mix your personal style with the love of your sorority, try finding a fun shirt that really stays true to your fashion sense like this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Say you want to show off your Greek affiliation while working out at the gym with this outfit. Well, that’s a simple change. Toss the sweater and switch into a sports bra under your tank. Lose the booties for a pair of gym shoes, and you’re ready to work on your fitness!