WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

April 10th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

So you’re graduating. Congratulations! You made it through your delinquent days. Now comes the real world of responsibilities, career choices, and disappointment. You had a good four years, though, where your only responsibility was making sure your friend didn’t do that thing she always regrets doing every week.

But you’re graduating, which is a big deal. So what a big deal needs is an outfit that says, “Look at me world, I am ready to be an actual adult.” Outfits like this are always white to signify the crisp and pure perspective you like to be known for. That is exactly what this Fashionista did right. Her white dress is what every college females aspires to find and use for those graduation pictures with your friends and family. You want to get the image of those crazy Thursday nights out of your peers’ heads by wearing a dress that you would never dare wear to your usual bar on Fourth Ave. It’s loose, it’s lacey, and appropriately long. Your grandma will be proud.

Along with the pretty innocent dress comes the heels. The heels turn this lacey young dress into a mature adult dress since you’re four inches taller. These pumps class up the dress a few levels for sure, aside from being straight fire. Beige and brown tones for the shoes are a must for the daytime. If you’re a pro at walking in heels like this Fashionista is, then feel free to go for the four or five inchers, but if you are the person who by the end of the night has the burning need to throw off the heels and walk home bare foot, try sticking to shorter heels or wedges.

Now for the accessories. Gold or rose gold accessories are recommended but not completely necessary. If you want to go the route of silver and diamonds, feel free. Just know that you are on a new level of class that is not usually portrayed by a poor college student. I would suggest keeping the image straight and going for the gold. Layering necklaces is a thing, so do the thing. But most importantly, love what you’re wearing. Be comfortable, be poised, and be rad. You’re entering the scary world where tanning on a Tuesday afternoon is frowned upon, so take advantage of your last two months. Wipe away that tear, pretty thing. It will ruin your makeup and it is a total cliché anyway.