WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

July 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

“I’ll have the virgin mojito, please.” Summer is the time to enjoy the company of friends and grab a fancy drink or two at the local eatery. With the added on weight of school and work, summer is the time to let it all go. Usually, we all like to hang out with our close friends and have a night out with continuous chit-chat and laughter about life at random. We like to share all the latest gossip, all well as share those delicious nachos. Along with chatting, we like to look our best and admire each others outfits too. “Hey girl, you look cute!”

This Fashionista was perfectly dressed for a girl’s night out, where she paired high-waisted black shorts with a Forever 21 mint and gold studded turtleneck top. The studs add a perfect amount of spunk and style! She also added a pair of nude wedges from Call It Spring, that are a perfect color for any outfit. The shorts give her some breathing room because of how oh so hot it is lately and the studs on her top tells everyone she is ready to get on the floor and dance! Her studded clutch goes perfectly with the top. The heels make her outfit look formal, yet casual.

One Simple Change: Want to skip the girls night, and have a date night? Skip the shorts, and go for a more sophisticated look with a black pencil skirt and nude flats! The flats allow more comfort just in case you’re already nervous on your date.