WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

You made it through the week, and it is finally Friday! You week’s work is turned in and you can pretend for a little while that your weekend homework does not exist. On most weekends, you either have the whole weekend jam-packed with crazy activities or you’re just excited to hang out around campus and relax with friends. Either way, you need a killer outfit to show of how confident you feel and give you extra edge when it is needed most.

Extra edge is no problem for this Fashionista, as she takes bold to a new level with her neon printed pants. This simple pattern is taken to new heights as it plays with color and shapes to create a unique look. This outfit as a whole creates the perfect balance and transition between winter and spring. It ties together the darker, cooler colors like maroon and black while suggesting hints of summer with the salmon background color. What a great print!

As not to draw too much focus from her pants, she chose to pair them with a long sleeve black tunic. This pairing is critical because having too busy of an outfit is just as bad as being too boring with your clothes. She also sticks with a neutral shoe for a similar effect. The last touch is a chunky pearl necklace, which adds class to the look. She has definitely pulled off the patterned pants, which can be intimidating for lots of people.

One Simple Change: Plans change and you find out you’re heading to a more formal event then you thought. Do not fear. A simple swap and this outfit would be ready to take on any function. Switch out the long sleeve for a tank top and a black cardigan. Keep the necklace, grab some heels and you’re done. A quick swap and you have gone from casual to formal in a matter of seconds. Now, go have fun!