WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

The quarter is wrapping up and the perfect way to celebrate the end of winter and finishing your exams is to have a girl’s night out. And I don’t mean going over to your friend’s dorm room or apartment to curl up and watch a movie. Although that’s always a perfectly good option, put on an outfit that makes you feel amazing and actually go out and have fun.

I’ll be the first to admit that I usually throw on something basic or boring for a night out with my girlfriends because it’s not like a date where I really want to impress who I’m going out with. I’ve learned; however, that a girl’s night out is a great opportunity to have some fun dressing up and trying out a trend or piece that’s a little out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ve been dying to wear that new oversized fur vest or matching set of yours but haven’t had the courage to yet. Once you go out and have a great time with your friends in it, not to mention get an overwhelming amount of compliments from them about how trendy you look, you’ll have the confidence to flaunt it all around campus.

This Fashionista’s outfit is ideal for a girl’s night out. It’s feminine and girly yet edgy at the same time. It’s nice and sophisticated enough for dinner in the city but still chic enough for wherever she goes afterwards. Plus, how can you get more fabulous than lace and fur? To score a look like hers check out this vest, these pants and this top.

One Simple Change: Love the look but want to dress it down a little for class? Easy! Just switch out the lace blouse and fur vest for a comfy sweater and you’re good to go. You’ll still look adorable, but your outfit will be a little more daytime friendly.