WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

We’ve all grown up learning about college from movies and TV shows; however, we tend to learn more about the parties than the classes. We’ve all pictured ourselves at giant frat parties, raves and even the occasional kegger; that’s why it can be tough making the transition into the social scene on campus. It can even feel like you’re missing out on the cliché college experience; however, one thing that is upgraded at a socially active school is your going out attire. Looking at my friends at other schools, the attire is much different. Here, you have to look mature and classy all while being a touch sassy as well. It can be a tough to find the perfect look, but this Fashionista obviously knows what she’s doing. The transition is easy once you find your perfect outfit and you are guaranteed a good night (any night of the week).

Rocking a look that’s classy and sassy, this Fashionista is ready for a girl’s night out. She stands out from the crowd in this high-low-inspired top. The faded tie-dye pattern is very on-trend right now and the dramatic cut exudes sex-appeal. Paired with leather pants, she takes it to the next level. There is nothing better than a pair of leather pants for late night outings if you ask me, and this pair is especially cute! I’m also loving the shoes. Rocking heels can be difficult for going out, but they really take her outfit to the next level. These have chunky heels, which make them (slightly) easier to walk in and pair well with the edgy feel of this outfit. Finishing the look off with simple and fun gold accessories, she is sure to catch the eyes of a few people downtown. I think we can all take a note from this Fashionista and leave the crop tops at home.

One Simple Change: Take this look from night to day with a pair of booties or riding boots. New shoes paired with the slouchy sweater turns this look into a chic and comfortable daytime outfit.