WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Every girl needs that special night with the ones that keep her sane, her girlfriends! You’re not trying to particularly impress any boys, but you just want to sweat out any worries on the dance floor. Now, I know what you’re thinking—this outfit isn’t the typical girl’s night out look. On a Thursday night on the square, you can wear whatever you want and nobody will judge at Ole Miss.

In this look, the Fashionista uses very simple pieces and makeup to create a stylish look. The sweater shimmers in the sunlight, and her jeans are skin tight, flattering her figure perfectly. The combat boots add an edgy element but don’t look too grunge. She isn’t typical with color coordinating but adds her own touch with the rich brown.

Her accessories are on point with the simplicity of the look. She layers her peanut butter colored purse with the rich chocolate brown boots. She uses boot socks to help keep her jeans in place inside the boots. Another gorgeous element of the look is her perfect lip color, which I think can be an accessory of its own.

Now, the reason why this makes the perfect girl’s night out look is because you can wear something you can actually breathe and dance in. The sweater gives relief around the waist, and the jeans accentuate your legs and hips.

One Simple Change: If you want to have a more dramatic and sexy look, exchange the jeans for a body con skirt to flatter your curves.