WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Girl’s night is a great time to catch up with friends after a tiresome week. It’s a night to let go of all the worry and stress that has drowned you day after day. A night filled with drinks and dancing seems to be the ideal way for many. It is also the perfect chance to venture out of your fashion comfort zone. With your close girl friends, it is always so much more fun to try the crazy new fashion trend you’ve been having your eyes on the past few months. They are the ones that make you feel the least insecure and are the most supportive in your new fashion ventures. Once you step into new waters, you’ll feel much more confident to rock this new style wherever you go.

On this particular night out, our Fashionista shows us the perfect outfit to wear to a night out of drinks and dancing. This beautiful crop top and skirt dress set is unique for its use of lace to connect the crop top to the bottom skirt portion. It shows just enough skin for those who aren’t too keen on embracing the full crop top notion. The knee-length socks give this look a casual look, balancing out the dress. She finalized her look with some black sunglasses and oxford high heeled shoes.

One Simple Change: Wondering how to make this look a bit more casual for a girls night in? Try adding a grey beanie to keep the look more casual and add a comfy cardigan so you can truly enjoy lounge time with your best girls!