Sorority life is a busy life. Fashionable, but busy. By busy, I mean all the events that come with it once you have pledged into the sisterhood of your choice. Yes, I’m talking about date parties, themed date parties, chapter meetings, philanthropy events and fancy formals! You know, I’ve always thought that a pretty important part about deciding whether you want to join a sorority is whether you have enough clothes for literally any occasion, and if you’d be willing to buy said clothes if you don’t! But hey, who doesn’t love a spontaneous shopping spree?

For this article, I’ll be focusing on an outfit that any girl could wear to any formal occasion, not just Greek formals! This Fashionista is rocking a white long sleeved lace number, paired with killer black pumps. Her look is classy, yet has a romantic and fun twist to it. The lace gives it a fun and flirty vibe, which is great for a formal, but the long sleeves of her dress, along with black heels, keep it classy and perfectly modest. Dressing up doesn’t have to mean showing as much skin as possible, especially at a fancy event.

This look could be applied to any formal occasion since it is simply a classic combination of a cute dress and black heels, which, without a doubt, are wardrobe staples. A girl could never have too many dresses or too many pairs of heels, that’s for sure!

One Simple Change: Switch out the pumps with nude wedges for a look that works for a more casual daytime event—maybe meeting the parents over the weekend, or even rush week for girls that are interested in joining a sorority.