Well the second session of summer classes are over and here comes the extremely dreaded ending of the session, finals week. Finals week is always a little stressful for us all and the process of waking up on those mornings is intense. We don’t usually feel like looking too snazzy knowing that right after that final we are probably going to get back in bed. When you don’t really want to get dressed, but you definitely don’t want to look like you just threw on whatever, it’s ok to be dressed for relaxation.

All semester we strut our best outfits and show off our best hairstyles but when those finals come around it seems we don’t really have the energy we started off with. When being comfortable is the goal, sweats are always easy. But when being comfortable and fashionable come together this is how you do it. The Fashionisto here clearly did not stray too far from the goal. He looks pretty comfortable if you ask me. The black and white combo is definitely a favorite of mine and easy to achieve. It does not require too much of an effort to look good and as you know that is the point when it comes to this particular week, not too much effort necessary.

It’s the cool black Ray-Ban shades to hide those bags under your eyes from staying up studying so hard. Or maybe it’s the white stripe on the side of the adidas pants; it’s just easy.The moccasin loafers add a little color and a little more comfort. You can’t say this look does not inspire you to go all-black for the rest of the summer.

One Simple Change: This look can easily be recreated to wear in the colder weather. What you need is a thick black jacket and some cool sneakers, and there you are, little effort and still cool.