With only a few weeks until finals, all-nighters are in the future. Cramming for exams and finals can always be a difficult time to feel motivated to keep your rad style, well rad. The secret is to keep things simple and comfortable. Having a variety of colors in your look can bring out the bright side of each day. Picking the perfect pair of pants to lounge around in can also be the perfect pair to sit through a three hour test. Keep in mind that being comfortable can help keep the nerves down in stressful situations like finals week.

This Fashionista chose a cute combo of green slacks and a champagne pink sweater. These colors stood out from the dark shades that tend to take over most Fashionistas/os’ wardrobes during the winter. Sperry Top-Siders were the perfect choice for running around in-between exams. They are easy to slip on and off, but have cushion to keep your feet relaxed. This Fashionista’s main goal was to be comfortable.

Keep in mind that getting good grades and looking good doesn’t have to be an either or decision. If you have an early exam, try to set aside your outfit the night before. It will save you time in the morning running around and hitting the indecisive wall.

One Simple Change: Are you graduating this spring or looking for a summer internship? Change this look into the perfect ensemble for an interview by adding a few accessories and swapping out the Sperry Top-Siders for a classic heel. Keep your accessories simple to keep from distracting the interviewer. Pairing simples studs, a mid length necklace and a few rings should be the perfect combo!