Exam week is something we all come dread. I talk from experience when I say I often look like a mess after pulling an all nighter! I find myself dressing in oversized hoodies and sweatpants wishing that the day would end quickly so I can go back to bed! Surely there needs to be a better way to dress comfortably for this horrible week and still look good.

This Fashionista shows that it is possible! She managed to find an outfit that is both comfy and fashionable, making exam week not an excuse to lose your style. She is wearing an oversized sweater with leggings and a pair of chestnut colored UGGs. This outfit looks girly and casual. It is also made from basic items of clothing that you are most likely going to find quickly in your closet. It’s perfect for those days when you are running late because you accidentally overslept.

She also adds an edge to the outfit by wearing small pieces of jewelry. She chose to include a heart-shaped silver ring and a gold ring decorated with roman numerals. She told me that her rings were given to her by her boyfriend. This adds a little more personality to her outfit because she chose items that mean something to her.

You can also drop the crazy exam look we usually have and replace it with something stylish like this Fashionista did. All you need to do is to is keep basics in an accessible area in your closet and that way it will be much easier to chose something when in a rush. Keep in mind that adding a personal touch with accessories will always make your outfit stand out!

One Simple Change: If at the end of the day you want celebrate finishing exams, you could always trade your UGGs for some heels and have a nice night look.