February 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Errands are somewhat of a mixed bag. They encourage you to get out and do something for the day, but can also be hassle. They entail running around all day, all over town while constantly interacting with people and possibly even bumping into people you know. Errands are inevitable, they must be tackled, but if you are looking stylish and cute while doing them they become more manageable. However, comfort should not be sacrificed as the price of style. This Fashionista displays a perfect balance of comfort and style.

Decked out in all-black, like a true New Yorker, this Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for errands. It is not too over thought or complex for the simple nature of errands, but has subtle details and accents that bump up the outfit from a regular lounging outfit to one that is ready to take on a day out tackling errands. There are three components to this Fashionista’s outfit that make it easy to recreate. First is the black pair of leggings. Now leggings get a lot of criticism, but when you are running around on your day off, comfort is key and leggings are something most people will want to slip on. Second is the statement denim jacket, which adds a cool edginess to the look. The knit sleeves allow your arms to not be restricted, like some denim jackets may do, so that you can move about freely whether you are reaching for that box of cereal on the top shelf in the grocery isle or carrying multiple bags of dry cleaning. The third item in this Fashionista’s look are her tall knee-high riding boots. The pair that this Fashionista is wearing are ideal, because they have a Chelsea style elastic part on the boot that makes it easy to slip on. The all-black palette and simplicity of the outfit makes it perfect for errands, while maintaining comfort and style.

One Simple Change: Have weekend plans, but want to avoid the hassle of carrying a purse, but you don’t have pockets in your leggings? Swap out leggings for a pair of jeggings or ponte pants so that you can carry your keys, money and ID in your pockets without having to carry a heavy or large purse.