There is one thing you cannot run away from whether you are a student in college or someone with a full-time job—running errands. Running around the town can be such a hustle sometimes and it may not be an enjoyable experience, especially if we are under extreme time constraint. So, we are easily susceptible to falling back to a simple T-shirt and a pair of pants or shorts to save time and energy, which is perfectly understandable. What if running errands is more than just getting stuff that you need and that you can actually turn it into an enjoyable and fashionable experience? This Fashionista, who reminded me of Andrea in the movie The Devil Wears Prada who was always in a rush, but still looked neat, would just not allow anything to get in her way of style.

What amazed me the most was how the Fashionista was able to put together such a sophisticated look with simple basic pieces. She put on a simple, loose-fitting white T-shirt and paired it with a pair of sweatpants. What is more comfortable than a cotton T-shirt and sweatpants, right? To elevate the look and to avoid looking too sloppy, the Fashionista put on a pair of boots and classic biker jacket. A great addition to the outfit is the black leather tote bag. It is stylish and practical. She also added some great details by wearing her delicate rings and bracelet with her stylish watch. Her pastel manicure definitely added a lot fun to the outfit. The Fashionista then finished her look with a touch of burgundy shade on her lips. She looked sophisticated and confident!

One Simple Change: If you are in a rush to class, put on your usual comfortable clothes and add your favorite stylish boots or jackets to elevate the look. Don’t forget to add a little color to your lips!