WHAT TO WEAR: Early Spring to Class

This year, spring seems to have come early. There have been a few days in February that is was 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside! I’ve actually spent a few days at the beach laying in the sand this past month even though I’m normally shoveling snow. It has been difficult to figure out what to wear when the temperature varies so much. This Fashionista has a great outfit for class when the weather is a little warmer than normal.

Her outfit is comfortable for class, yet it still looks put together. She is wearing black cropped leggings and a black V-neck. She has a simple base for her outfit that she can add accessories to and create multiple different looks with. She is wearing a peach cardigan to make the look different, and to function as a way to keep warm when the temperature starts to drop. I think cardigans are amazing because they are so comfortable, keep you warm, and bring your outfit up a level.

To accessorize, she has kept it very simple: a silver necklace to add a little sparkle. It helps keep the outfit from being sloppy and makes it seem as though she put some thought into her outfit, even if she woke up late and quickly put it together. For shoes, she is wearing some light gray quilted slip-on sneakers. These sneakers are so comfortable and wearable. Slip-on sneakers are a great way to wear simple shoes that don’t restrict movement for your busy day running from class to other activities.

I personally own two pairs and they are great for so many situations such as class, exploring, and even can be dressed up for an internship. If you have black slip-on sneakers, black skinny trousers, and a white button down, you can easily be internship ready. You could also layer a sweater over that button-down to be a little different.