WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

March 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

As college students we lead busy lives. We have class, most of us work, we’re involved in clubs or sororities and then most importantly, we have social lives. After all, it’s about who you know, right? Social life translates into networking? Works for me! We don’t always have time to go back to our houses or apartments and change from our daytime outfit to our night out outfit. We also don’t want to lug around a change of clothes. Our book bags have our laptops and books in it. Our purse has our sunglasses, wallet, our favorite lipstick, snacks and everything else you can possibly imagine. Our car is filled with half empty water bottles, Starbucks cups, clothes we’ve been meaning to sell or donate, shoes we thought we needed one weekend but never wore. The only solution I see that is plausible is to create a day to night outfit. It may take a little more effort, a deeper thought process and more planning, but amidst our busy lives, we always have time to look good.

This Fashionista put together an outfit that we can all take a little inspiration from. First off, she went with colors that are toned down. They aren’t bright and colorful, but they’re not all neutrals. This Fashionista pairs a patterned dress that hints at those warm, spring days to come, but throws on a knitted cardigan to help block the breeze in between buildings in the City of Dreams. The outfit could be considered girly until you get down to her combat boots, which add a touch of edge. This Fashionista keeps things pleasing to the eye and consistent by adding socks with a lace trim that keep the combat boots more feminine. She accessorizes with bracelets and rings to tie it all together. Her outfit can easily be taken from day to night.

One Simple Change: You just got off work and you’re going to a nice bar for a girl’s night out; be sure to throw on a pair of booties to spice your outfit up a little bit.