WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

One of the perks of college is that we hardly ever have a full day of classes. Instead, we get to start late, end early and take breaks in-between. Yet those empty spaces in our day can fill up quickly. We all have been in the situation when it seems like everyone decided to plan everything on the same day, and we have zero time to change before jetting off to each activity. What’s a college student to do? Wear a versatile outfit.

Although a good “day to night” outfit might take a little more planning than your usual uniform, it’s really not that difficult. The trick is to choose a few statement pieces that are low key glam. These transition pieces are polished and chic during the day but effortless and fun for night.

This Fashionista starts with a basic denim chambray shirt, which is casual but polished enough to say “I might have just thrown this on but I still care about style.” Her black leggings and boots are classic. Anything black can switch from day to night because black is the ultimate/timeless color.

But the real deal breakers are the fur vest and textured scarf. The fur makes her outfit pop—it’s not everyday that we see someone wearing fur, which is why it instantly upgrades her look to be a little bit more glam and dressy. The scarf plays along with this vibe because she mixes very similar textures.

Finally, she ties everything together with her accessories. The patterned envelope styled purse is a simple but chic shape, nice enough to take to a restaurant but not too fancy for the daytime. Her pastel pink lips and black eyeliner are fun and eye-catching.

This Fashionista is able to look pulled together and polished by using a few unique pieces that take her chambray shirt, leggings and boots straight from day to night.

One Simple Change: Is one of your night events maybe a date? Swap out the black boots for some black pumps, and you’ve kicked the dressy factor up another notch.