WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

I am a big fan of the color black. It’s classy and beautiful, but at the same time, very easy to wear. It goes well with every other existent color and adds a bold statement to any outfit you wear. Sometimes I feel that during the day a lot of people avoid wearing all-black because they say it’s a “night thing;” however, I could not disagree more. I have been wearing monochromatic black looks since I can remember and I love it because it’s easy but chic. Also, all-black looks make it very simple for you to create day to night outfits, given that the color works well in both occasions.

As I walked home the other day, I spotted this Fashionista from afar. Her all-black outfit completely grabbed my attention. As the days start to get warmer in Boston (finally), girls start bringing out their skirts and dresses out of the back of their closet. I loved how this Fashionista dropped the tights but still managed to create an outfit that alluded to winter. The pieces of her outfit also made it the perfect day to night look, because they were all simple.

To create a feminine look, she wore a simple skirt with an asymmetric detail in the front. This breaks the classic black straight skirt trend. To keep herself warm from the Bostonian breezy winds, she added on a leather jacket. Besides being a beautiful jacket, on the inside the jacket was lined with faux fur, adding another layer of warmth and protection. For shoes, she decided to wear boots, which also helped keep her legs warm from the cold. When you look at her outfit, you will realize that even though she wasn’t wearing tights, she was still very protected from the winter weather while looking amazing in this monochromatic look.

One Simple Change: Going somewhere that demands a dressier look? Grab those tights again and throw on a pair of heels and you will be ready to go.