WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

We all have super busy days when one outfit needs to carry us through an entire day of class and into evening activities. It may seem ridiculous to plan for an evening event when you first get up in the morning, but some days this is a must! This Fashionista found just the right style to get her from a day filled with class, to evening activities and beyond. She had no problem going a little dressier for class, with the perfect brown leather jacket emanating a hint of red. This Fashionista delivers a trendy Californian vibe that sets her apart from others.

The charcoal jeans paired with the brown and red jacket are perfect combinations. The structured look, stemming from her booties and jacket, accentuate each other and complement the rest of the outfit. It’s the jeans that pull off both a casual, daytime style and transforms the look into something dressier for the evening. The booties and the casual, trendy tank top pull this entire ensemble together. This Fashionista kept the look simple without adding too many accessories. This allowed the materials, colors and textures of the outfit to be the focal points. I love this entire outfit, but my favorite piece is the jacket. Brownish leather, with such a unique reddish hue, gives this outfit the right amount of edge, balanced with chicness. The golden brown qualities of the printed tank top spice up the entire ensemble!

One Simple Change: So, you have date night with your significant other after a day filled with classes? No worries! Change out the jeans to a plain skater skirt and you will be ready to go!