WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

The worst of the winter has passed in the northeast, or so we hope! For too long have students used winter as an excuse to wear their sweatpants and big sweaters. This Fashionista is definitely over the winter and is taking her fashionable wardrobe into her own hands, no matter the temperature.

The jeans worn by this Fashionista have a grunge aesthetic and are different from your typical skinny jeans. In order to pull off this outfit, the jeans are an essential piece to the puzzle. They must be a bit baggy and tight at the bottom. They will keep you warm but will look flawless next to a pair of black booties. The best part of this ensemble are the red socks and how they look perfect next to the black booties and the jeans. Any color would look adorable, yet red or white would be the ideal fit.

The Fashionista also added a cropped top sweater and a big plaided scarf to keep her warm. To finish the outfit, she added her black peacoat and beige school purse. Her style gives her vintage vibe, which is refreshing to see after three harsh storms in Boston.

One Simple Change: Have a special event at night and no time to go back home? Easy. Just remove the scarf and add a necklace statement to give it a nice, sophisticated look while still being true to the style. In addition, you can switch your purse for a beige clutch, making the look extra feisty!