WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Planning your schedule for next semester can be a stressful task, and when you’re last to register, it can be even more frustrating because all of the classes you wanted to take are full. And, of course, we always try to avoid a Friday class because who wants to wake up early on a Friday for one 50 minute class? But no matter how hard we work on our schedule, sometimes that dreaded Friday class is just unavoidable.

So you weren’t able to keep your Fridays completely free? That doesn’t mean you can’t still have an amazing beginning of your weekend with your besties once class is over!

But sometimes you don’t have time to head back to your apartment to change before you head out on the town, and you definitely don’t want to carry around a huge bag filled with dresses and shoes. The best thing you can do, then, is to wear an outfit that works for class and for a night out with your friends, which is what this Fashionista does with her amazing ensemble.

She wears a black, wide leg jumpsuit, which is the base of her look. To make the jumpsuit more appropriate for class and for the cold Minnesota winter, she pairs it with a light brown sweater and a cream colored jacket with leather sleeves. Finally, she wears a pair of high heeled booties, which elongate her legs and really show off the wide leg pants.

The jumpsuit is such a versatile piece and allows for an easy transition from a casual daytime outfit to a fancy nighttime look. By removing the top layers in her ensemble—the jacket and the sweater—and leaving only the jumpsuit, she unveils a chic and sophisticated look that can easily be dressed up. The simple addition of a pair of fancy earrings and some bold lipstick completes the perfect nighttime look.

So if you’re short on time and don’t want to carry your entire wardrobe with you to class, look at this Fashionista for inspiration on how to create the perfect day to night look.

One Simple Change: Pairing the jumpsuit with a simple blazer and some pointy heels makes it perfectly appropriate for your internship—it’s a professional and super fashionable look!