WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Long college days are super draining, but sometimes they are just inevitable. Catching a break between classes when they run from morning through evening is difficult. It becomes a dilemma in the sartorial department as well, because dressing for such hectic days can be stressful. This is especially true if such days extend into the night with events and meetings.

This Fashionista, however, wore an outfit that will work perfectly for a day to night schedule. She sported a mostly monochrome look using earthy shades of brown. Her classic black denim provides functionality in terms of comfort while serving as a clean base for the rest of her look. An empire-waist V-neck top adds interest while a textured coat adds warmth. Her schoolbag of choice is a red satchel with a matching scarf tied to it, and it gives the look a bright pop of color. It works well because of the red fitting in with the warmth of the browns. Finished off with a dainty necklace and a pair of leather ankle boots, this Fashionista’s outfit has the right amount of polish to go from daytime classes to nighttime events.

The key lies in versatility. With recent trends leaning towards minimalism in clothing, it is easy to pick out the right pieces that will work throughout the day, for various situations. Look to this week’s Fashionista and choose a top that has a unique silhouette. Tops with draped fabric, side slits and cutouts are great alternatives to the basic T-shirt. Avoid busy prints because they might not work for more formal settings; campus organization meetings or business events may require an air of professionalism, so opt for more classic and muted patterns. Outfits styled with simplicity in mind will always be chic, making them work for more casual night events as well.

One Simple Change: If heading to a date straight from a late class, swap out the wooly coat for a shaggy faux fur jacket to make a lasting impression as an extremely stylish Fashionista.