WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Everyone is always so excited to go back to school after winter break, primarily to see all of their college friends. The first couple of weeks of classes are the best time to hang out and catch up with all of those friends since your workload is not piled up just yet. However, you still have classes to go to during the day, so you must find the perfect outfit to wear both to class and to your group hangout!

This Fashionista pulled off a great mix of day and night wear. Her primarily black outfit is definitely appropriate to wear to class while also being classy enough to wear out with her friends. Especially during the first few weeks of the semester, everyone wants to look their best for class to make a long lasting impression. The heeled boots that this Fashionista chose to wear make her stand out in any crowd. They are simple enough to wear in a classroom setting but are the perfect amount of style to bring out to dinner as well. By cuffing up her jeans, she was able to show off every part of these awesome heels. Her purse, sweater and coat are all-black so they will match almost anything she chooses to pair them with. She also chose to bring in a pop of color with her scarf and necklace. The reds and blues in the scarf, along with the gold of her necklace, bring out her personality while adding a bit of pizazz to the ensemble.

Overall, this Fashionista will be ready for almost anywhere she choses to go with her friends. She chose the perfect look to avoid changing outfits in between her day and night activities. She can definitely pull off this outfit at almost any occasion!

One Simple Change: Heading to the library? Switch out the heels for a pair of flats or boots so you are more comfortable while still looking super stylish!