WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Day to night outfits are some of the hardest looks to create. Most “nighttime” skirts and dresses are too short for your daytime activities and the heels you wear out clubbing are too uncomfortable for walking around campus and rushing to class. However, this Fashionista aces the day to night look. She can easily be grabbing a coffee in the early morning, taking notes in French class or meeting friends or a date for drinks at night.

The Fashionista wears a loose fitting heather gray top that she tucks into light wash, distressed, boyfriend jeans that have a relaxed fit to them. She brings structure into her outfit with a three-quarter sleeved, black blazer and a large black leather bag. The blazer brings both a seriousness air and a nighttime feel to her outfit, giving it the day to night status. Her black leather belt with minimalistic gold detailing helps connect the other gold pieces of her outfit: the tiny buttons of the blazer, the metal clasps of the purse and the pendant necklace.

She completes her outfit with strappy, black stiletto heels, tan framed sunglasses with large, circular lenses and a black, felt, wide-brimmed fedora.

When dressing for day to night, it is important to dress in layers. You should start with a base layer that you will wear for the entire day, and then add pieces that you can change or take off. By taking off a blazer, cardigan or jacket, your classy daytime outfit can become a sexy, nighttime outfit. Accessories can transform outfits as well, specifically shoes and bags. In this Fashionista’s case, her shoes are the transforming factor.

The most important thing to remember when creating a day to night outfit is to love what you are wearing. This outfit you will be wearing for most of the day, so you should feel beautiful and confident in it!

One Simple Change: To wear this look to class, change into black, low-heeled booties.

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