WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Vacation is over, classes have begun and everyone is starting to settle back into their busy schedules. With it being a hectic and freezing time of year, I find myself putting less effort into my outfits, but more specifically, neglecting to change my outfits up from day to night. It is so easy to just swap a couple pieces of your day outfit so that you are appropriate for a nighttime occasion. It sounds simple, so why don’t we give it a try?

This Fashionista is a great example, as she is sporting an outfit that could easily go from school to out to dinner with friends in the city. She is dressed for class in a gray turtleneck, jeans and booties. The denim makes the outfit perfect for daytime, as it gives the outfit some lightness. Similarly, her olive jacket is great for class or the library because it gives the outfit a relaxed and casual feel. Overall, this Fashionista’s outfit is expertly suited for the daytime; however, it’s fitting for a night on the town as well!

Between the dark wash of the denim and the dark tones of the gray sweater, the outfit has some great night appropriate aspects. Her black booties also add some versatility, as the heel is not too tall (which makes them perfect for class) so she can be prepared for wherever the night takes her. They’re also great, because as I like to say, there is never a wrong time of the day to be wearing black. Her look is flawless but for an even more nighttime ready appearance, swapping the olive coat for a sleeker black trench would work splendidly.

The neutrality of this Fashionista’s outfit is overall what makes it great as a day to night outfit. Simplicity is key here as she is able to stay low-key for class while remaining stylish so she is ready to go out once the night hits.

One Simple Change: Want to add just a little more glam to the outfit for a date night, but still keep that day to night versatility? Apply some nude lip gloss and throw your hair into a high pony. Both are great neutrals and acceptable for any occasion!