WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

When you’re in college, plans are usually spontaneous and made pretty last minute. You could go from sitting in your night class to going out to dinner or movie within less than an hour. Since you’re usually rushed, many people don’t really think about or have the time to change into something different. This Fashionisto sports the perfect look for dealing with winter weather. It’s incredibly versatile; it’s casual enough to be worn to class, but pair it with a nice jacket and scarf, and you are ready for date night!

For men, peacoats are always a worthwhile investment piece. They’re structured, warm and who doesn’t love a well-dressed man? They can dress up almost any outfit, while helping you brave the winter. So, you love a peacoat but aren’t feeling the price? When styling for day to night, sticking with a darker color palette is always a smart idea. It makes the outfit look put together and looks like you spent a little more time than you really did getting ready in the morning. If you’re running late but have plans later in the day, sweaters with higher necklines are perfect for a mix between casual and dressy. But you can’t have the perfect outfit without a killer pair of shoes. I love these dark gray suede desert boots. Ask any well-dressed man, a little suede goes a long way when it comes to adding some texture to an outfit.

Is wearing all dark colors not your thing? No worries, just wear a few of your favorite bright accessories. I love the look of all-black with red accents, and this Fashionisto’s scarf pops perfectly against his ensemble. Let’s not forget a good statement bag. His Coach backpack is the perfect example of taking your favorite spring and summer accessories and incorporating them into your year-round wardrobe. If you’re looking for a more traditional yet classy backpack, I love this one from Mark New York by Andrew Marc.

One Simple Change: So what if you’re planning for date night a nice restaurant? Swap out the sweater for a patterned dress shirt and a dark knit cardigan. It screams “I like to look good” without making you seem too overdressed.