WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Much to everyone’s dismay, winter break is over. We may have spent the past month lounging around our homes binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix but it is time to come back down to Earth. Unfortunately, this means trading in our comfy pajamas for actual clothes. Sigh. Our minds have had time to recuperate and now that “Syllabus Week” is over we must prepare to head back into battle. Don’t let picking out outfits add to your burdens. With the many occasions the hectic college routine brings, it is clever to construct your ensembles with one thing in mind; versatility. Stopping at home in between events to change looks may not fit into your tight schedule. Hauling around a tote with a change of clothes isn’t exactly appealing either. The answer to this problem is a day to night look.

As Drake would say, let’s start from the bottom. It all comes down to the basics. Choosing a versatile piece as your building block allows you to add or take away from your looks throughout the day. I encountered this Fashionista on her way to class and admired her simple yet stunning look. Her polka dotted black and white dress with a drop waist is a great example of a transitional piece. Paired with a mustard cardigan the dress radiates comfort and style, a perfect choice for trekking to class. Although casual in the featured look, the dress can also be done up with a leather jacket and statement necklace for a night out. Black ankle booties are foolproof for either night or day and can be a great finishing touch to many looks. This Fashionista’s tan and gold satchel gives her look the right amount of shine and can hold a decent amount of school supplies during the day or the slim necessities for the night.

During these four years of school our lives can get a bit chaotic. It can be difficult to keep it all together at times. Cut back the chaos by choosing a creative two-faced outfit. Have fun mixing and matching Fashionistas/os!

One Simple Change: You just finished that crazy hard exam. Score! Time to celebrate with a girl’s night out. Swap the cardigan for a faux fur vest and slide a statement headband over your hair. Day to night, baby. It’s that easy.