WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

One of the best things about being a college student is that going out for a night on the town is almost expected of us. Professors assume it, parents ask about it and us Fashionistas/os use it as a time to show off our personal style. If you’re anything like me, you have at least one day a week when you are on campus virtually all day, making the need for a day to night outfit a must! This Fashionisto was dressed to impress for a day on campus and could easily carry on to a night downtown.

This Fashionisto is wearing an all-black ensemble (my absolute favorite) and he totally works it!. Unfortunately for us Floridians, winter only lasts about three to five days, so shorts are totally acceptable this time of the year. He totally rocks this black mesh Stussy shirt, which is perfect for the warm Florida weather. He has on a pair of plain black shorts that complement his casual shirt. For shoes, he has on a pair of black utility boots. Owning a pair of versatile shoes like these is a must when you need to transition an outfit from day to night.

He spices up his all-black look with some stellar gold accessories. His arm candy is on-point, as he has on a few gold bracelets and a gold watch. I love the way black and gold work together, and they will transition well into the night. He also has on a great pair of black and gold sunglasses, which are a must for any Fashionista/o and a great way to make any outfit daytime appropriate!

One Simple Change: Take this all-black ensemble to class by switching out the shorts for a pair of black denim joggers. This quick switch will make this outfit comfortable for a day full of classes.