WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Going on dates, especially first ones, can always be a little scary. There is always the question of what to talk about, where to go and, of course, what to wear. Finding the happy medium between dressy and casual, put together and effortless and classy and trendy is a challenge but it is nothing you can’t handle. Although date night can be nerve-wracking, at least take the anxiety out of your outfit decision and follow this Fashionista’s lead.

A blue denim shirt is always a good place to start. This Fashionista keeps it casual and wears a very versatile denim button-up. She pairs that shirt with some dark wash denim jeans. When in doubt, always do denim on denim. You can’t go wrong. She then adds some pastel details. She dresses up the outfit just a bit by throwing on a white leather jacket. The jacket brightens up the outfit just enough and adds a slight edge.

She then put on a light pink, blue and green statement necklace, which adds the perfect pop of color to her ensemble. She finishes off the look with an amazing pair of light brown-heeled Chelsea boots. These boots would allow her to be comfortable wherever the night might take her, be it a movie theater, out to dinner or a mini-golf course. With an outfit like this, it’s bound to be a great night.

One Simple Change: If you have class before your date, throw a sweater on over the denim shirt and swap the boots out for some white sneakers!