WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Did you finally get asked out by that guy from Philosophy class who you’ve been flirting with all semester? About to go on your third date, but you still want to keep things casual? Let’s face it: date nights are tricky. While going to the movies with your special someone doesn’t exactly require a ballgown, you still want to make your guy’s heart skip a beat when he sees you walk through the door.

This Fashionista created a flawless date night look that can be worn to the movies or even on a rainy day to a fine arts museum. The extra-long, cozy cardigan keeps her warm in cooler buildings (like most museums are) and its length creates an eye-catching contrast to the length of the miniskirt. Furthermore, the flouncy skirt affords the look a freshness that is so quintessential for early spring.

The accessories are the key to this look. Her delicate necklace doesn’t draw attention away from her face while the ring on her right hand gives her fresh, Pillarbox Red manicure an extra pop. Meanwhile the beaded cross-body is the perfect day to night bag that will come in handy if your outing turns into an all day event. Slip a chubby stick lip balm and Tic Tacs into the purse, and you’ll be ready to cozy on up to that special someone.

One Simple Change: To make the outfit versatile enough for weekend wear, ditch the skirt and tights for black denim. Throw on some heeled booties and you’ll have the perfect, casual look for a quick trip downtown.