WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Let’s be honest—getting dressed and ready for a date can be just as much fun as the date itself. There’s nothing quite like getting together with the help of a few reliable girlfriends to prep, pluck, primp and preen before a night out with a potential new beau. So far, so good – this dude seems to be a keeper, and has earned a second date with you. Lucky guy! But what on earth do you wear this time?

Picking out an outfit was hard enough for the first date…but look no further. Maintain a casual-but-not-just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe for date number two and opt for a pair of boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans have entered the trend scene to compete with the currently all the rage skinny jeans. These babies on this week’s Fashionista are the ultimate fashion trifecta: comfy (banish all fear of having to unbutton your pants at dinner), stylish (a definitive step up from sweatpants) and versatile (daytime ready to date night ready). The looser fit creates easy balance with form-fitting or lower-cut tops. When it comes to fashion, always remember to balance – loose with tight-fitting, feminine with avant garde, fancy with laid back.

Speaking of balance, a sharp, smart blazer in black, like the one sported by this Fashionista, adds sophistication to the distressed denim. Furthering this “blank” slate of black with a matching tank underneath gives you freedom to play with accessories or makeup that will pop (read on for a tip).

A final note on achieving equilibrium in your outfit: wearing heels seemed only appropriate in the rarest occasions – but wait! – not anymore. Like our Fashionista friend here, pair them with your trusty boyfriend jeans and you’ve gone from risking being too dressy to a well-balanced duo of nicer shoes with low-key pants. She also rocks a small black shoulder bag to keep everything she needs within reach.

Finally, a palette of simple hues in your clothes (such as black and denim) leaves room for a bold lipstick in your makeup. This Fashionista wears this shade of red so beautifully. Look here to reference makeup charts that’ll help you choose the right shades (eyes, lips, etc.) for your skin tone. A daring shade of red or pink draws the eye straight to your pout – great for a date! Here our gal finishes off the look with soft necklaces to shimmer against the black; follow her example and you are ready to melt his heart.

One Simple Change: Sadly, jeans are neither welcome nor wearable in most job environments. Never fear. Rushing off to a date as soon as you’re off work? Swap your tailored trousers for your boyfriend jeans, swipe on your lipstick, and keep the heels and blazer.