WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Happy Valentine’s Day! But wait…Valentine’s Day was five days ago. Even though the holiday for romance is over doesn’t mean the date nights with your significant other have to end. If anything, more date nights mean more cute outfits that need to be thrown together last minute while your date is waiting in the parking lot. If you have been keeping up with my weekly articles, which I hope you have been, you know how bitter I am about trying to look stylish in this tundra we call Ohio. Fear no more! This Fashionista has your date night outfit covered. Well, one of them.

Since your boyfriend is broke from that fancy Valentine’s Day dinner, this outfit is perfect for a casual date to the movies, perhaps Fifty Shades of Grey? Neutral colors are always a good idea because you have so many options to work with, and it looks like this Fashionista thought the same thing. The light tan sweater has a unique cowl neckline that adds warm without the need for a scarf. This Fashionista, however, decided to add some shine with a gray and black scarf that serves as an aesthetic element. You’d be lying if you said that you have never been freezing while sitting in a movie theater. Always plan ahead, and this Fashionista did just that by placing a white vest on top of her sweater.

Neutral tones are always fun because you can play with so many accent colors. Red is the color this Fashionista chose to accent with through her handbag. Not only does red seem to always look fashionable, but let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day was not too long ago! The holiday’s red and pink color scheme seems to last throughout the entire month of February. The dark denim adds that casual date vibe with the knee-high brown boots on top. To wrap up, the simple gold hoop earrings and bracelets contribute those minor details that cannot be forgotten on a date. Slide on a soft lip color, and you are out the door! Your chariot awaits.

One Simple Change: Your man surprises you with concert tickets! Slip on a black leather jacket, lace up a pair of combat boots and apply bold makeup to transform into an edgy Fashionista. Leave the handbag and use an over the shoulder purse that won’t weigh you down while you’re crowd surfing.