WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

It’s that time of the year again—cupid’s month of February and almost Valentine’s Day! With the anticipation of this lover’s holiday just around the corner, all of us ladies are hustling and bustling to find the perfect outfit to wear on date night. Should I wear this dress? Are these heels too tall? Do I look good? Would you date me? These are the questions running through our heads.

This Fashionista sports the perfect Valentine’s Day date outfit. Her flowing, printed dress pairs wonderfully with her knee-high socks and black booties. A textured pale pink jacket, along with a teal leather purse, complete the look. She festively plays with appropriate shades of pink, while also maintaining the date night go-to color with instances of black. Her jacket can easily be taken off to make the look more suited for a formal affair and provide an opportunity to show off her bohemian style dress. The socks keep the element of fun in the overall ensemble and also keep your eye moving upwards to the dress. Finally, her suede booties do a great job of picking up the black featured in the dress and seamlessly link the two together.

The Valentine’s Day date is always a special one. Take inspiration from this Fashionista and wear an outfit that combines a number of today’s trends into one look. This trend filled outfit can easily translate to any date occasion. Whether at a fancy restaurant or taking a stroll in Central Park, this outfit will be sure to impress your date.

One Simple Change: The socks a bit too much for you? Swap the knee-highs for stockings to go for a more conservative look perfect for a cold weather occasion. Black tights will make the outfit more on the formal side, while colored or printed tights could add an interesting twist!