WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

A first impression leaves a powerful mark on anyone. Whether you’re meeting a co-worker, a classmate, a family friend or that special someone, we all judge one another on a certain level. Focusing on the dating scene, we all want to share our best selves. In particular, how can a man woo his dream girl? Since Valentine’s Day is here, it’s time for the gentlemen to make their move! On the first couple of dates, a lot of girls make assumptions based on a man’s physical appearance. Girls take note of their hairstyle, their clothing choices, care for hygiene and much more! How a man presents himself says a lot about his personality. If he dresses appropriately, it shows that he has manners and he cares about his date. Personally, I find a man a lot more attractive if he has style and he takes the time to look presentable. Of course, judging a man based solely on his looks is superficial; however, making a good first impression is a must when taking a girl out!

This week’s Fashionisto creates an outfit that is perfect for the first date. Most importantly, he has a lot of pride and appreciation for style, which is a big turn on for many girls. For guys who struggle with fashion, don’t worry because this Fashionisto is here to help. Observing his outfit, the Fashionisto wears a Meister cashmere sweater with red and gray embroidery. He pairs his sweater with cranberry trousers, which gives his look a more fun and unique touch. In general, colored trousers give outfits extra spunk and they will convince your date that you made a lot of effort. Lastly, he finishes his look with a black puffer vest. The puffer vest gives off a relaxed and casual feel, which is also important for a first date.

Not every man cares about fashion and that is acceptable. If he makes a lot of effort, that is what truly matters. Keep in mind that on a first date, the smaller details can make a huge impact. The Fashionisto states, “My only suggestion would be keep it clean, but keep it you. There is no need to dress over the top if that does not fit your personality.” As he mentioned, formal wear is not always appropriate. Find a medium between casual and “over the top” while expressing your true style at the same time.

One Simple Change: The Fashionisto can wear the same outfit for more serious occasions as well. He can simply replace the vest for a black sportcoat. Whether he is attending an interview or a special celebration, the black jacket will make him look more classy and sophisticated.