WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Here I go again. Week after week, I complain about the cold and relentless wind, refusing to acknowledge that winter is upon us and that it just isn’t going away anytime soon. We are now almost a month into 2015. Did anyone else out there already accept the fact that for the next three months you are going to be crossing out the four and rewriting an embarrassed little five right beside? What about your New Year’s resolutions? Has anyone already broken the self-assured promise and gone on any shopping sprees? Has anyone accidentally “forgotten” that there are perfectly enticing carrots lying in the fridge and grabbed that half empty bag of chocolate covered almonds instead, all the while muttering to yourself, “Well, nuts are nutritious?”

Don’t worry, girls. I’ve been there (not just once), and I am definitely in no position to give any advice on self control. However, if you poor souls live in anywhere forgotten by warmth, and you’re struggling to adhere to your resolution to never dress like a slob despite the cold, maybe I can help. Or I should say, this Fashionista has really got you covered.

I immediately spotted our Fashionista as she walked toward my direction with a confident and cheerful stride. Her look is very simple but obviously well thought out and accentuates her feminine figure perfectly. Her jacket, unlike the puffy down coats that the rest of us are wearing, cinches in at the waist and flares out around the hip, making the outfit slightly dressier and cuter. Her black knee-high boots have just enough heel to elongate her legs but are still comfortable enough to walk in. What attracted my attention was her deep green tote bag and her light green knit scarf. The two items complemented each other and really jazzed up her outfit. This look is perfect in this weather for a nice brunch out with your girlfriends. It is cozy and girly all at the same time and totally compliment guaranteed!

One Simple Change: Turning brunch into an impromptu girl’s night out at your favorite bar? Swap out the knit scarf for a faux fur collar and the tote bag for a sequin or beaded clutch and go crazy!