WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

February 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Many of us have heard (or maybe experienced) some horror stories of date night gone wrong. Whether the mishaps range from an awkward blind date, to a restaurant that just wasn’t up to par, we’ve all been there done that. One thought that always enters your mind pre-date is the dreaded question—”What will I wear?” This is probably one of the most thought-provoking things that comes to mind when getting ready for a date. If you’re feeling like you have trouble thinking of your perfect date night outfit, have no fear because your Style Guru is here.

As you step into your closet, think of pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel confident. Going on a date and having fun with the person you’re with is a great feeling, but being confident in what your wearing will keep you smiling all night long. Remember to also keep in mind what you’re doing on the date as well. Most dates would require something that is a little nicer than clothes you wear on a day-to-day basis. To ensure you put your best foot forward, it’s best to chose an outfit that you wouldn’t just throw on to get to class on time (we all know about that mad-dash out the door).

This Fashionista knows what’s up. Denim jeans and booties are obviously a great option for comfort and style. The dark wash in the jeans gives them a more dressed up look and the warm colored blouse pulls the outfit together to give it a classy and mature touch. The key to date night is that you don’t need to look red-carpet ready, the most important thing is that you feel great in what you’re wearing. To finish off your look add some statement earrings for a pop of color or a neutral tone, some bracelets or a watch (or both) and your favorite purse. When you look in the mirror and feel that fun and flirty vibe, you’re ready to enjoy the night!

One Simple Change: To take this look from date night to an event more casual such as parent’s weekend, there are just a few simple steps. First, add a sweater or a jacket to achieve a more layered look. Second, switch out your evening clutch for a shoulder bag, and finally switch your statement earrings for more casual studs. After these three steps are complete your ready for brunch with mom and dad!