WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

As I write my last article (at least for this term) for CollegeFashionista, I struggle to find just the right words to say. Participating in this internship has been such an incredible experience; I have been able to bond with people over articles and had the opportunity to expand my professionalism. So with that, let’s continue on to what y’all are actually here for: the fashion.

This Fashionista was ready for a date night. She wore multiple layers so that throughout the day and throughout the multitude of activities that her and her date had planned, she was ready. Making a versatile look for different plans throughout the day is essential when going on a spontaneous date. Her “rebel” look combined delicate accessories with an alternative style bomber jacket. The military-esque boots added to her punk flair while the jeans and camisole kept her outfit practical.

I could tell that this Fashionista was wearing an outfit that truly exemplified her personal style because she looked quite comfortable and exuded confidence as I was taking her picture. Even with her shoulder baring undershirt, she still was willing to try out different poses and work all of her angles on camera. The charcoal tones in her outfit let off a cool girl vibe, the bottom half of her outfit screamed functionality and her accessories gave her that pizzazz women like to radiate on a date. But the trend she emphasized in her outfit more than anything was confidence. She looked like an off duty rockstar and felt like one, too. So the big question is: if you are going on a date, what should you wear? The best answer I can give is confidence.

One Simple Change: Make this look versatile by simply switching out the bomber jacket for a crepe blazer and the military boots for a pair of black pumps. With these easy swaps, you are ready for a class presentation!