Let’s face it, all of us have a love for the flowy, lightweight rompers we bum around in all summer. They’re comfy, cute and can be worn pretty much anywhere. However, as winter lingers for a few more months, it’s time for us to improvise. Beyoncé wore one on the red carpet, Rihanna rocked one on the street and now it is your turn to give it a try. I’m talking about the jumpsuit.

Many of us see the one-piece silhouettes displayed in our favorite stores and automatically think, “I can’t pull that off,” or “Where would I even wear that?” The truth of the matter is that you can wear a jumpsuit anywhere all year long, no matter where you’re headed. This Fashionista took a simple, black and white jumpsuit up a notch and created the perfect outfit for a night full of good music, great company and a whole lot of dancing.

This Fashionista started with a patterned jumpsuit in very basic colors that allows her the chance to accessorize and experiment with an array of colors and other garments in her closet. She chose to add a big gold necklace that draws a little more attention upward and makes her gorgeous blonde hair and red lips pop! Also, by adding in a little more glam and keeping in the theme of gold accessories, she completes her look with the perfect pair of black booties with gold embellishments. Going out to dinner, heading to a bar for a few drinks before the show and ready for a couple hours of dancing, her outfit is concert ready.

For the winter months, you can throw on an edgier leather jacket like this Fashionista did, or wear a black blazer if you’re trying to spruce things up. Style with accessories and try adding your own personal touch with a bold lip color. That way you can still look amazing inside the venue even if you decide to ditch the jacket at coat check. No matter where the night takes you, this outfit is sure to be versatile, bold and turn heads amidst the crowd of concertgoers.

One Simple Change: Find yourself wanting to rock this look during the warmer months as you head to a summer music festival? Swap the heels for a cute pair of flats or sandals and ditch the jacket. Try a denim vest on for size or simply go without; either way, you can’t go wrong. You’ll be sure to stay cool and fashionable as you make your way from one stage to another to see some of your favorite artists.