WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather Colors

All over the Northeast, winter is hitting us…hard. It’s easy to breeze through December with the holidays as a consolation, but once February comes around it’s really all over. Everyone wants it to be spring and to get out from underneath these heavy coats—trust me, I get that—but dressing for the cold really doesn’t have to be the drag we oftentimes make it out to be.

I know, from too much personal experience, that during the gray months of February and March, it seems like there is only room for two colors: black and gray. This Fashionista, though, makes it clear that winter fashion can be just as multifaceted as any other season. In her green utility jacket with a faux fur hood for warmth, she built her outfit in strategic layers. Basic black jeans with single rips at the knees, a sweater, and a colossal blanket scarf make up her look, topped off with a subdued knit beanie for those long hauls across campus.

Though very neutral, this Fashionista nails the cold weather fashion game by being realistic. She knows that warmth is key, but picking the right accessories is what really changes the feel of the look. It can be easy to reach for a big, puffy black jacket and a hat and call it a day, but there is no reason why our winter fashion should suffer in the name of warmth. As long as you make smart accessory choices—i.e. that massive blanket scarf she has on—your winter wear won’t bring you down during these upcoming months. Try picking a stand-out hat or earmuffs to add to your standard jacket and jeans combo for a brighter season and ultimately a happier wardrobe. Stay warm out there!