WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

January 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter graced us with a fashionably late arrival but now that it’s here, simply stepping out onto the frosty campus seems to be an instant cue for the melody of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Despite the fact that I personally do not enjoy the brisk temperatures, I think that winter fashion is definitely something to adore this season. From the soft, fuzzy scarves to the cozy, fur-lined boots, winter has a signature look of comfort—isn’t that something we all love? Even so, one of the trickiest obstacles that comes with navigating winter wear is achieving an ensemble that is simultaneously warm and fashionable due the bulk of outerwear garments. Well, don’t let the cumbersome cold weather gear cramp your style because, in fact, it is possible to brace these frozen days in style!

This Fashionista captured an on-trend, yet practical cold weather look. Her smokey gray coat was a chic distinction from basic black, and it was a slick way to contrast her black leggings. In addition, the faint quilted detailing on this Fashionista’s coat introduced a cozy appeal to her look. A thick scarf and knit headband were classic winter wear pieces that kept her warm in a fashionable way. Her striped scarf was a pleasing complement to the solids of this outfit, and a trendy cinch in this Fashionista’s headband added a unique touch. Finally, Sorel boots were a functional choice for this outfit since they are both warm and durable for trekking across the snowy and icy campus.

One Simple Change: Take this cold weather ensemble right into the classroom! By easily removing the coat to reveal a casual sweater or thermal top, this look will keep you comfy and cozy during those early morning classes or long afternoon lectures. If it becomes too hot, you can also remove your headband while you are indoors, which is truly the beauty of mastering layered fashion; shedding garments does not hinder cold weather style.