WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Unlike most cities, there is no telling when the season officially changes in San Francisco. Although the temperatures may drop and leaves may fall, it is never anything too drastic compared to many of the other cities around the country.

Instead of relying on San Francisco and Mother Nature to give me a sign that winter is here, I have relied on something a little more telling, people’s instinct. Their instinct tells them to trade in that light sweater for that winter jacket or to cover up with a scarf. So rather than watching the leaves fall, I watch the styles and outfits change around me. With that being said, it’s officially winter in California when people start to bring out their winter coats. Because “actual” winter coats are not that popular to have on the West Coast, I enjoy seeing the different styles and colors people pick to not only keep them warm, but represent their inner style. Along with this, I enjoy to see how people pair their outerwear with their outfit underneath to create signature looks. 

This Fashionista seamlessly combines her outerwear with her outfit underneath to create a chic, yet simple everyday look. She is sporting a pale pink coat paired with a sophisticated all-black look underneath. Underneath the coat, she is wearing an off-the-shoulder black top with high-waisted black jeans paired with the perfect everyday black booties. To add a little more flair and style, she tops the overall look with a black and gold necklace and gold statement earrings.

This look is perfect for the cold weather of San Francisco because we can never tell whether it’ll be a sunny day in the 60s or a gloomy day in the 50s, this outfit is perfect for either occasion. It allows any Fashionista the choice to keep warm in style without too much layering all by keeping it simple and chic.