WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The dreaded time has come where we have to ditch our crop tops and jean skirts for sweaters and leggings. For those of us in Oregon, the sun has stopped shining, the rain has started pouring and the clouds are hovering. Living in Los Angeles for the last 18 years I chose fashion over function and winter meant simply layering a skimpy leather jacket over a thin long sleeve and adding a beanie to really show off our “winter” style. But once I entered the reality of an Oregon winter I was in for a rude awakening, I had to learn how to dress functionally and fashionably at the same time! While my leather jackets and long sleeves have to be put aside for North Face jackets and wool sweaters, I’m slowly learning how to master the perfect cold weather look. And if you’re anything like me, three more long sleeves layered under that (hey, it’s really cold I swear)!

 Though it can be fun to trade in our T-shirts and tank tops for knit sweaters and parkas, it can be hard to stay stylish while also trying not to freeze your butt off. This Fashionista makes it look easy. She masters the cold weather look with a black knit turtleneck sweater and a pair of ripped black jeans. Being in Oregon she stays prepared for the rain with a trendy oversized raincoat and finishes off the look with a pair of leather boots. This Fashionista keeps it perfectly simple and chic giving us the push we needed to conquer this Oregon winter!