WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

March 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s winter, and not the type of winter that feels like lighting candles and drinking hot chocolate- it’s the kind of cold, snowy mess that hurts your bones and shuts down every store on the street for a couple days. How does one stay warm AND cute when it’s so much more tempting to throw on those leggings and a hoodie yet again? Better yet, why not just wrap up in your comforter and add a belt?

Our Fashionista found the perfect balance between cozy and polished, relying on neutrals and dark tones to look sleek amidst the slush covering Chicago’s streets. In black skinny jeans with a hint of stretch so they fit snug but not constricting and an olive-colored sweater made of a wool and cotton blend, she’s ready for a latte break between classes but not looking like she needs a nap. The pop of white from her scarf brings energy to the outfit and pops against her dark hair, picking up the light from the snow and bringing a dark outfit from possibly drab to stop-and-stare fab. Add in over-the-knee leather boots for material contrast and a more stylish version of snowboots, throw on a supple black-leather purse, and you have a complete outfit that feels as easy and comfortable as pajamas. It takes the same energy to put on jeans and a sweater as it does to put on leggings and a tee shirt, so just do it and you’ll thank yourself later when you run into friends and end up grabbing a drink after dinner without worrying you’re underdressed.

One Simple Change: Not feeling the black on black (with more black)? Choose a patterned coat to throw on overtop (such as houndstooth) or don a colorful plaid cape and pick out a statement lip for a shocking burst of life amidst the gray winter setting. I’ve been rocking a vibrant fuchsia lip with my gold and black coat, and it makes me feel a little bit better about showing up to 9:30 a.m. classes when I wake up at 9:15 a.m.